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What can you do with each emotion?

Le 14 mars 2018, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

The management of emotion is a very important key point to measure a person's failure and happiness. Everything that causes our mood swings is an opportunity for us to take control of our life and achieve our dreams. People are happy not because of what they get, but because they learn to live in peace with all "negative" emotions.

When we fear failure, the eyes of others, and view, did not dare to try, timid, can escape, try to resist, to learn to find yourself in these feelings, understanding others av equipment rental, when others agree with nothing to you, you don't need to prove himself to others, also won't be bound by fear.

When we complain others and the environment, can will habitually blame others and things, to have the courage to creative effort to overcome difficulties, to avoid the trap, you will see yourself clever ways to cope.

When we are sad, sad and helpless, we can see our sadness and sadness, allow ourselves to be sad and sad, self-care, and be our strong support.

When we want to be others understand, able to express myself to stop and listen to each other, you will find someone else to say, you are not trying to listen and try to understand each other, and are often too busy thinking about what to say next.

When we conflict and conflict with others, to be able to see everyone's different way of thinking and values Serviced Apartment HK, motivation and goal are also different, sometimes even completely opposite, you will have different knowledge of human nature and found that will stand in the perspective of a third party, find a more appropriate solution.

When we are confused, lost myself, if you can calm down and from the body, brain, heart and mind, understand what is the most important thing for us, natural gradually due to inner peace.

Emotion is the power that can be adjusted and transformed into life, and when people have emotions, they can become a good way for us to know others and understand ourselves.

We might as well take emotion as a channel or resource of self-improvement, which is one of our inner strengths, and more importantly -- all emotions are the gateway to wisdom Accpac .

Whenever your life doesn't meet your wishes and makes you unhappy, go back to your heart and feel yourself: why am I unhappy? Is this unhappiness related to my goals? Does this displeasure have positive or negative effects on my goals? How am I supposed to adjust, to blame, vent or return to myself?

When we can truly be the master of our emotions rather than the slave of our emotions, we will naturally enjoy the true joy, serenity and freedom.

All emotional feelings are precious

Le 14 mars 2018, 05:37 dans Humeurs 0

We are often swayed by our emotions, and follow our emotions wherever we go. We are often overwhelmed by emotions, forgetting what our intentions are and where our goals are. Are you the same in your life: you are constantly tossed by your emotions?

All anger, complaint, dissatisfaction, self-blame, resentment, these emotions, the energy levels are very low, and who is the first to consume these low energy levels of emotion? Of course!

When you have negative emotions, thousands of cells die, and there's a scientific basis for that. The higher energy is peace and love, love can dissolve a lot of things, and hatred can breed more hatred, anger inspires more anger, and shame can bring people to dust.

Although there are positive and negative emotions, emotions are not good or bad, they are our own separate hearts, in the original bad mood, added insult to injury; There is no absolute right or wrong in the mood, only the uncontrollable emotion is bad.

Emotions are a good wake-up call for us, just like pain, a person with no sense of pain has a short life. The same is true for emotions, which can be a big problem if you don't feel the world outside. All emotions are extremely precious, all emotions are our good friends, but we don't let it get out of control, don't let it become the obstacle and trap of realizing dreams.

If there is a peach in the heart, where is not the water cloud

Le 12 février 2018, 04:16 dans Humeurs 0

Life is a tree flower open, or quiet or warm, or lonely or brilliant. The days, in the years of the rings, gradually thick, those naive, leaping, or contemplative soul, in the bustle and din, is engraved deeply shallow, or strong or weak marks.
To appreciate the sentence: life is an illusion.
In fact, in the past years hong kong top masters, everyone is not in this false journey? In real laughter, crying, in real tears, a letter of rain hong kong top masters, a half shade of dream, many times, we have to admit: life, not not lonely, just do not want to say.
Listen to the world in silence, gradually understand: life, there will always be a lot of helplessness, hope, disappointment, longing, hesitation, bitter, just know sweetness; It hurts to be strong. If you're stupid, you'll grow.
In life, there are always some sad gaps, some people, let you worry, but cannot be together; There are things that you admire but can't have. Some missed, let you linger, but lifelong regret.
In this noisy world, we need a place for ourselves, for the soul. Perhaps it was a quiet house; Perhaps, it is a book without words; Maybe it's a maze path. As long as it is to the heart, it is the station, for the future, not so perplexed.
Three thousand feet of red dust, read in the landscape. Life is not always smooth. Because of love, let go; Because of letting go, so silence; Because of a understand master of education hong kong, so at ease a glance back.
Perhaps, when the wind and rain days, it is carrying the heavy life; The days of light clouds are more suitable for quiet comprehension.
Deep understanding: the world, not everything is in line with imagination master of education hong kong. Sometimes mountains are stories of water and clouds are stories of wind. Sometimes, the star is not the story of the night, love is not the story of love.
On the journey of life, many people walk, walk and disperse. Many things look and look and fade; Many dreams are done, done, and broken; A lot of tears flow, flow, dry.
Life, originally is the vicissitudes of the wind and dust, just, in the eyes, the world is a hot and bitter sweet.
Like the beauty of the extreme, not impatient, not warm, the pace of the sound, soothing and orderly; A simple smile, a thousand feelings, dust smoke a few, shallow thought light. In the depths of time, still see the flowers bloom thanks, although all the vicissitudes of life, still smile a cavity warm like the beginning.
In fact, it is not unaffectionate master of education hong kong, it is too deep; Love is not ignorance, but love knows wine.
In the crisscrossed life, no one has changed the crisscrossed and crisscrossed once rent apartment Hong Kong, but, in the fading away, the pain, the crying, has become strong; Those who can not bear to forget, remember, all dried up to become scenery.
At the top of the days grazing heart, a ride mountain, water a lift, the world of mortals, the vicissitudes of life, time flies, QingHuan, one night, we finally learned: in a bosom indifferent, laugh at the two white moonlight.
Surplus with a realization, happy little drops of the collections, years flow, through the temperature of the fingertips, expected years static good, this along the way, you will find that life in the us, warm, has always been a traction, isn't it? In the sea of life, the sea, the end of the sail, the light back, everywhere is different, the clouds are light.
There is a kind of year called all the vicissitudes of life, there is a kind of overlooking called tearful smile, there is a kind of pursuit called a shallow meditation, there is a kind of beauty called light to the extreme.
Give life a reason to smile, don't let your heart carry too much weight; Give yourself a way to keep warm, with the wind of the pursuit of the pursuit, with the lotus posture, a smile, and the years as the life of the most beautiful scenery.
If there is a peach in the heart, where is not the water cloud.

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