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Want to open is a sunny day

Le 4 December 2018, 08:24 dans Humeurs 0

And there shall be stones upon the feet of them that lift up their feet, and there shall be a rough passage along the way. Life above, there are always a few clouds cover the sun's bright, always rain or shine rain and snow unpredictable.

That's life. It's so changeable, so unpredictable. But in fact, the road of life, rain and rain, not always sunny trademark hk, also can not always be cloudy.

The world's most difficult to walk is the heart road, the most difficult to cross is the heart. Want to open, see light, put down, the heart is comfortable. Want to open, is a sunny day!

A lot of times, we let our heart into a blind alley, how to go out.

If it's an abyss to go ahead and a cliff to go back, why don't you take a turn and try the side road?

Some people, should put down put down. Not all intimacy lasts forever, and not all holding hands grows old together. Some people, are destined to accompany you only for a part of the way, anyway, or should be grateful for the journey of the company. If someone walked a little fast, don't deliberately go after, some miss, the moment is forever. Only put down, in parallel track, to meet more suitable for their own company.

Some things, not to our will as the transfer, we can not control the development of things, even if the poor all can not have, can not achieve, wait and see its change, act according to the opportunity abbott Pediasure, is also a wise.

Do not despair that there is no way out, even if not now, perhaps in the near future, there will be a solution. Every lock has a key to open it, believe, keep the clouds open to see the moon! Through mountains and rivers, you will meet a silver lining.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Nothing is your own except your body. Money, fame and fortune, life does not bring, death does not bring. When he died, everything had nothing to do with him. When alive, don't be too mean to yourself, don't be too harsh, to know how to cherish, love yourself, love their loved ones!

Don't always look at the scenery does not belong to their own, those distant and extravagant hope, sometimes let themselves lose their direction. See everywhere cangshan sky far, as cherish the people in front of you, walk the road!

Life comes and goes without a day to go. Not confused in the heart, not trapped in the situation, not afraid of the future, do not read the past! Put down the wind and the past, cherish the simple real now master of computer science hong kong!

Lin yutang once said: life is not all expensive luxury, expensive simple; Not rich, elegant expensive; It's not expensive. It's appropriate. Life, simple is good, suitable for their own is the best!

Through the prosperity and noise of the world, read the vicissitudes of life and rough, some hard pursuit, but is the water moon mirror flower, look a little bit, see far, the heart will be more transparent.

A good heart makes a good man. A wide heart makes a wide road. Heart is good, calm and serene, there is desire but not persistent in desire, there is a demand and not rigidly adhere to the demand, three thousand prosperous, to see things light, the heart to relax. Rain life, want to open, is a sunny day!

Chrysanthemums that glow in the sun

Le 4 December 2018, 07:48 dans Humeurs 0

Letter hand book, when old, between the pages of a yellow cast look but don't know which day a petal of the clip into the page chrysanthemum, under a light autumn appearing light, look for a long time, can smell the fragrance, can not help but think about it early autumn tender bud, think of frosted it curled petals, remind of westerly winds blowing yellow ground, reminiscent of golden autumn, think of the cold winter, thought of early summer, think of flowers bursts.

I do not know if the ancient chrysanthemum is also now as warm, perhaps it is just a casual bloom, or embrace each other, or scattered, watching the autumn sun, bathing the moonlight shaohua, with no sad eyes, indifferent to the world passing by it. It bloom as it goes, is where, only the ink mark left its steps when it came. It bloomed in the mountain garden, tao yuanming took it into his bosom to "pick the chrysanthemums under the east fence, leisurely see the south mountain", the officialdom was dark, can not stand on the ground, only the wind left, and alone. Blooming in the small xuan window, li qing zhao caught a glimpse of its wither, "the curtain volume of the west wind, people than yellow flowers thin", ten years of life and death in two vast, that missing such as illness, medicine stone without medicine; Bloom in the revolutionary battlefield, MAO zedong for its song "today and double Yang, battlefield yellow flowers are particularly fragrant," revolutionary dangers are not to be afraid, the revolutionary courage and courage.

I wish ju was a hermit, blossoming into a cool autumn wind, with the light of tao yuanming's eyebrows, the sorrow of li qingzhao in the bottom of her eyes, MAO zedong's persistence in the corners of her mouth, bathing in the autumn sun and seeing all the life.

If you can't control your fate, control your heart

Le 22 October 2018, 08:40 dans Humeurs 0

We try to control our fate, only to be fooled by it. We try to talk about life, only to find that it is a dream. We try to express our individuality, but in the end we tend to be assimilated. "Life is not good, nine times out of ten", since we can not control the fate, we will naturally find the inner self, do not lose themselves, to achieve inner peace! Life is simpler and happiness is longer.

Forget. The greatest pain in life is the pursuit of perfection. You know that true light is not the absence of darkness serviced apartment hk, but the absence of darkness. Our lives are the same. Running with pain and smiling with tears is the real life.

Give up. Life is like a play. Everyone is the only director in his life. Only those who know how to give up can thoroughly understand life, laugh at life, and always have a good mood. If you are willing to give up, you will get.

Appreciate. We are happier when we view people and things with an appreciative eye. In fact, everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Why should we look at people with a magnifying glass rather than a telescope?

The passage of time, the tedious life master of materials science hong kong, the reality of many not easy to give people more and more pressure, do not stop to taste the leisure, less meditative feelings. It is normal that one's mood is influenced by the environment. Only those with sunshine in their heart can feel the sunshine of reality. Happiness is a life attitude and happiness is a state of mind. Do not lock yourself in the thick cocoon of worry, beautify life, appreciate life, life everywhere will have beautiful scenery.

We can not avoid every ordinary day, also can not avoid the same busy day of water account. Everyone has his own way of living. As long as he can discover himself, keep himself in body and mind, and eventually surpass himself, he will gain something even if no one cheers. Live your normal, authentic self. Life is a kind of natural and unrestrained laugh virtual office in hong kong, cry is also a kind of natural, as long as from the bottom of the heart, will be dripping wet.

In this complex society, we should learn not to be surprised, do not let themselves lost, sad and wronged, when they cry. After crying, wash your face and squeeze a smile to show yourself. Give yourself a big future and goal. Remember to always look up at the sky, but do not forget to look up at the sky also look at the feet.

The ordinary day deduces the ordinary oneself, although ordinary person wants the effort to be able to affect the world only, but does not pursue deliberately what, with own docile quality and happy mood, does the true and ordinary oneself. You will feel proud, comfortable, and truly relaxed and safe.

We are all ordinary people, each day in the rush of people through the hustle and bustle of the environment busy. We are eager to get relaxed release in the rush of fatigue, in the quiet of the night, to find the reason for their inexplicable loneliness, we even look forward to their plain light life can appear long looking forward to brilliant, fantasizing with their mediocre ability to create extraordinary results. We are constantly praying for our soul, because only the perseverance and satisfaction of the heart can make us feel the meaning of human happiness.

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