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Grazing sunshine

Le 21 mai 2018, 11:35 dans Humeurs 0

In a slow-moving town, find a quiet yard, open a small window, and graze the warm sun. Looking out, the mountain in the distance, is not seen in the city of the blue color, above peaceful floating a few white clouds, let the restless heart calm down, thoughts with clouds flying! This spirit of the cloud, early let body and mind feather, become immortal!

In the field, the bird's flight posture is so clever and happy, the song is clear and sweet, and other heavenly sounds, playing a purification of the heart of the fairy offshore hong kong company! I have forgotten my existence, and as my mind travels around the world...

The sun was wandering in my pasture, and I opened the little window and put the sunlight into the hut, and the little cottage was filled with the smell of the sun. My mind, a few drinks! The story of sunshine into the wine glass, the blue sky and white clouds and I sit, the wind and the fragrance of the flowers are also invited, the qing tea pale wine banquet in this time business centre Mong Kok, is not refined! Wine the usual boring, there is a small jasper, already clean hands incense with harps on the muscle as coagulate fat, eye flow, mountain stream, such as trickle, flow natually, cement sheath general soft heart. With tangerine fragrance and bouquet, the pores of the whole body are like drinking the nectar of the fairy palace...

I keep the sunshine grazing, the sunshine arrived at the yard beside the fence, ivy ran over the fence, sunshine and ivy leaf intimate kissing, refute the window, like a butterfly, this is the witness of their love, they were enchanted by his own love, the psychedelic light show they are doing a never want to wake up the dream wine tasting!

I and the sun came to the pond, the pond saw the sunlight, the excitement of a layer of thin waves, sparkling stars. The calm water, like a shy teenager, is very restless. Sunshine through the pond, the pond bottom fish in the hide and seek, the algae floating, the bright green light, as if to tell the past life of the heart!

At this time, I do not know I am grazing the sun, or the sun is grazing me! I seem to be full of light, like sunshine without a bit of impurity, daylighting bright dream!

This transparent state of mind makes my world without darkness! My world is suddenly clear and poised!

Father's sheepskin jacket

Le 21 mai 2018, 09:51 dans Humeurs 0

The years have trodden the mountains, but still spring breeze. Some relationships don't need to be dressed up, but they are beautiful, some warm and don't need too much language, but long and long. Immaculate love can withstand the precipitation of the years, never far away, quietly in the blood of love, will accompany forever.

Just remember, that s is especially cold in winter, the snow is very thick thick, the room is very cold is very cold, only on kang is hot, when the child was almost do not play in the home, after school in the outdoors, wear of a is his mother do thick cotton-padded clothes cotton shoes, although day cold, but often return home will hear father's warm words, cold will put on my sheepskin coat, father every child shout cold so say to us, but who did not through his this clothes, because it is the best gift, aunt give father also witnessed the profound friendship between siblings, dad when the work is also very hard, Every day, he rides a bicycle to and from the countryside to work. Winter is his busiest time. He often comes home late at night, with a layer of frost on his hat and beard. But when winter comes, can hear a word from the father said, "cold just put on my sheepskin coat", then we are brothers and sisters, every cold, often reveal father of sheepskin coat, father understand what we mean, just laughed. So the dress grew old with his father. We all grew up, also bought more fashionable clothes to my father, but his father still likes to wear the sheepskin coat, there is no way, mother can only once again processing, change the blue face, father happy wearing, past the every cold winter.

Love is long, over a thousand years, only your love is the language of the heart, the child with a clean smile, listen to my story, his smile is like the father...

What can you do with each emotion?

Le 14 mars 2018, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

The management of emotion is a very important key point to measure a person's failure and happiness. Everything that causes our mood swings is an opportunity for us to take control of our life and achieve our dreams. People are happy not because of what they get, but because they learn to live in peace with all "negative" emotions.

When we fear failure, the eyes of others, and view, did not dare to try, timid, can escape, try to resist, to learn to find yourself in these feelings, understanding others av equipment rental, when others agree with nothing to you, you don't need to prove himself to others, also won't be bound by fear.

When we complain others and the environment, can will habitually blame others and things, to have the courage to creative effort to overcome difficulties, to avoid the trap, you will see yourself clever ways to cope.

When we are sad, sad and helpless, we can see our sadness and sadness, allow ourselves to be sad and sad, self-care, and be our strong support.

When we want to be others understand, able to express myself to stop and listen to each other, you will find someone else to say, you are not trying to listen and try to understand each other, and are often too busy thinking about what to say next.

When we conflict and conflict with others, to be able to see everyone's different way of thinking and values Serviced Apartment HK, motivation and goal are also different, sometimes even completely opposite, you will have different knowledge of human nature and found that will stand in the perspective of a third party, find a more appropriate solution.

When we are confused, lost myself, if you can calm down and from the body, brain, heart and mind, understand what is the most important thing for us, natural gradually due to inner peace.

Emotion is the power that can be adjusted and transformed into life, and when people have emotions, they can become a good way for us to know others and understand ourselves.

We might as well take emotion as a channel or resource of self-improvement, which is one of our inner strengths, and more importantly -- all emotions are the gateway to wisdom Accpac .

Whenever your life doesn't meet your wishes and makes you unhappy, go back to your heart and feel yourself: why am I unhappy? Is this unhappiness related to my goals? Does this displeasure have positive or negative effects on my goals? How am I supposed to adjust, to blame, vent or return to myself?

When we can truly be the master of our emotions rather than the slave of our emotions, we will naturally enjoy the true joy, serenity and freedom.

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