Often, I hid in a space of aphasia, a period of time, greed palm, soul wandering alone in words. At the moment, there are words, music, and those who do not need to speak of friendship, everything is safe and quiet.

In this world, warmth and coolness are mutually exclusive. Time can only give us a better ourselves. Finally understand, accompany is the longest love confession, can go to the last, is the most beautiful scenery of the mind. Separated by time and distance, those warm, those love, are years, no duplication of good.

I love this song, Jin Mo, this, that black and white Jingwei chapter. Ask no antecedents, ask no antecedents, and seek solitude in the busy world. In search of pleasure and sadness, allow the clearest read, the completion of a drop of rain in the most gentle.

The days inch overlapping, will be good to the years to support, written on palm treasure, let Qinru heart warm, with eye brow smile precipitation; any time long, only tender.

Life may be a puzzle, a samsara, with a zen. Some people can only brush past, while others can suddenly look back. The light and shade, reflecting a fall in love, no matter, wind down wind, to transfer, are respectively in the world. If the heart, Weiyang. I wish I were Jane, Jane, but naturally I was a warm amateur.

In fact, life is a journey of exploration. Only when you understand yourself first can you understand the life you want. Some words and form deliberately, it's really not necessary, friendship between gentlemen enough to make a flower blooming.

It is time to learn by cutting out the superfluous. Abandon some of greed, anger to keep a calm, more clear. The color back to the years, purely for yourself, quiet walking, quiet intentions to touch the beauty given by time. Not persistent, not to live up to, there is beauty, is a flower garden.

Years of screening with the dust, we filtered the memory. A smile, and happy time, hidden between the lines; a kind of existence, simple and warm, in the thin cool fireworks place to the true. Now that this world has come, it is life to be fair. Choose their own choice, put down the burden, in the thin Liangli, pick up a warm, quiet time. So, hold the half acre Hanada, since the open since the fall, with good read.

Perhaps, life is ultimately not perfect, sometimes silence is to scroll through the seasons, in the first place, to restore the original you. In fact, we are all lonely walker, many times, a know, will warm heart; a listen, will drive away trouble.

In the world, there are some beautiful things that will keep us in the purest heart, because we believe and exist. Read a Qinghuan print, see a dripping rain; a pleasant tour to a landscape painting, economy, light and time rhythm, quiet ripples