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Shallow autumn, said a treasure

Le 5 septembre 2018, 08:26 dans Humeurs 0

Summer is a trembling season of heat. And autumn, bring a person another romantic with halcyon.

When the footstep enters this happy autumn color, the heart seems to be opened suddenly by a gentle hand, feeling in the heart, there are many many words want to flow out...............

Autumn is like forty years of life. The confused things gradually less, the heart is like the clear sky after the clouds open and clear, more a life of wisdom and maturity.

When we are young, we like to look for the fragrance from outside. When we are middle-aged, we prefer to find the fragrance from inside.

A person has a clear heart, if the heart valley ac motor manufacturers, steady but do not break elegant, a pair of gentleman's fenggu, which see not to appreciate the look of praise?

Autumn, in everyone is equal, who can walk in it, taste touch a touch of autumn. Breathing in the thick autumn color, the taste of autumn not only between the lips and tongue, but also between the heart.

It's not just to love someone, it's a season we love, but it's also a season we love in our hearts. This love is a kind of love without sorrow.

At this moment, my heart as if with autumn became bosom friends. We comfort each other and share our worries and worries.

Autumn, suddenly on the United States in the eyes, as if in the summer's clothing, added dots gold, dots yan hong, inadvertently embellishment of the journey of life scenery, a light smile, enough to make you soft.

Autumn, with a gradually changing yellow leaf greeting me, with a cavity gentleness warm me. I quietly submerged in the gentle feeling of autumn, do not want to wake up.

Autumn, although no hermit's wind, but there is a quiet refined from my leisure. White clouds breeze Per Face, bright moon autumn water, is always a beautiful picture in front of the heart window.

Which life, not in the experience of understanding, in the trials and tribulations?

The supreme sentiment of life is to be demure and still after the storm.

Many experiences in life are just like improvisational works without a script. Once the brush falls on the paper, it cannot be cut or modified.

Autumn, like a person with a firm belief. He USES the sagacious thought, the selfless colors entire world's inch land.

The prosperity of life turns into the remaining fragrance of a bunch of residual flowers.

Clear of the bottom of my heart, because of this love does not release the heart of the autumn color, the faint general tender feelings. Lying down to smell the flowers, lying to see the stars, the bottom of the ripples are quiet joy.

Autumn clothes, light color, light temperament, more and more like a person's temperament, not beauty.

This is an undisputed world, here each tree, each flower, all send out the special fragrance of autumn. They interpret the poetry and beauty of life with the weak life.

I really want to plunge into the endless colors of autumn, where to sing songs and melt into the endless colors of tenderness...

Autumn, with a pair of bright eyes and our heart dialogue, let that flowing long hair flying in the wind Payroll Service. Life can have a few times, for love for their own do a pure flight?

Through a flat autumn leaves, I am attached to a warm encounter with you. Your unwearied heart is the memory of my life.

When you love someone, waiting is the most beautiful time. Some things, whether sealed or not, already left a mark in the heart.

One person is lonely, two people are warm. The most beautiful scenery in the world should be accompanied by someone after all, and Shared by someone after all. On the train of life, who do you want to accompany you to the end?

This life who and meet, who together, is doomed to a section of dust. As long as a loving soul does not die, each season of life will send out a different beauty.

We all the way to the arduous search, is not precisely for a life of happiness and happiness? Is not for a life of pure return to true?

Now, all this, I have found in this early autumn.

Open the palm, a slender autumn leaf bearing, my heart has become as pure as it. A smile to a flower, a lyric to a leaf, is also a love of life.

Light autumn, warm song; Light autumn, light love.

Time, so dizzy in the fundus; Thoughts, climb up the wall.

The day is cool, I am in the autumn wind of leaf accumulation, gently call a: light autumn good! Distant you also good!

Flaming impatiens

Le 5 septembre 2018, 07:50 dans Humeurs 0

Driving through the countryside, red flowers occasionally flash through the Windows. This kind of flower is not big, but the whole body blooming flower, the name is balsamine.

In the countryside, whenever there is a gap, whether it is bird or animal, whatever brings the seeds of the henna to the soil, just after one spring rain after another, quietly drill into the ground one seedling after another, showing two round young leaves. By the time the girls' clothes were thin and the boys' leap forward into the pond, the henna flowers were blooming everywhere in the village. Her stalks are thick, and many red fibrous roots grow. Stem up then split fork, the profile is bigger and bigger. At the base of each leaf, either primary or secondary, there is a flower bud, which unfurls its bright petals. Thin layer of single chip, is formed into a flower, also known as "the top of the head a nest of bead", have a big red, pink, from dawn to dusk, from the sunny days to rainy days, a few flowers can open into a graze, from late spring warm bee dancing butterfly flower, has been flourishing, open till the sun goes down the stars blink of an eye, dancing to the south of maize tassel, drive to the rainbow frog offerings and high up, shake off the rain dew, even underground completed a red tapestry, her color photos still able to stretch the countless petals, fresh to the point that you never have to worry about there will be flowers Xie Hua defeat that day.

The girls paired off, chattered into fields of field hemp, pulled down a thick wad of hemp leaves, prepared the old cotton threads their mothers had given to unpick and wash their quilts, and helped each other to wrap their nails. A mat was spread out in front of the house. The little boy dug his head up, his buttocks up, and rolled over the mat. The cat meowed on the wall, the dog wagged its tail, the firefly fluttered over the girl's fuzzy forehead. Pick a bunch of henna, mix it with alum or salt, finely mash it in a stone mortar, take out a ball full of juice, put it on a nail, wrap it tightly with hemp leaves, and carefully wrap the old cotton thread. As a rule, the ring finger cannot be wrapped, otherwise it will be bitten by the cat, or will grow into a shameful "coward". When eight fingers and ten toes were all wrapped in blue hemp leaves, and their hands were held up to show off each other proudly, the dreams of that night would be filled with flashes of light like dancing fireflies. In the night, I woke up. I did not know how many of them had been broken by slip. I tried to put them on again with my teeth. The next morning, the hemp leaves are quickly removed, even the finger belly will be full of red wrinkle. If so, most 3 times, a pair of beautiful red fingernail added more charm to young.

Balsamic, also known as little soap-red, henna, a wild flower born in the quiet countryside, has suddenly reappeared in people's eyes in recent years. Many people suddenly realized that this was a very powerful plant. Her stalks, seeds and flowers are all medicinal materials, with the effect of removing wind and humidity, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It can be used to dye hair, bubble wine, treat grey nails and regulate the physiological functions of women. People have followed the path of pursuing fashion, only to find it is back to the original and most simple starting point, the best is what we have been enjoying but ignored.

When I recalled this, looked at the broken nail fashion, lovingly XiLiu headwind for blowing gas, my homesickness was a cat meat pad, stand a silent steps to walk on a hot summer wind walk, arrived at laugh often in all the years, won a YanYanDe impatiens, give yourself covered in a pair of pure natural slight red fingernails.

True love is no matter how she never leave

Le 19 juillet 2018, 10:43 dans Humeurs 0

Once you are doomed to be the scenery of my life would you want to stop, but things changed much, though you are now the time changed its appearance, but in order to you, I also willing to willing to waiting for you that I love dearly. Because of the oath, we have said that this life, we will grow old together till death do us part.

When we are young, we miss a lot of things. When we look back after a few years, we will find that the heart that could not extricate itself in those years has really become the past. Youth is a matter of growing up with pain and facing with pain. Many people's first love remains in their youth.

After graduation, we went to a party together, ate and drank together, and said some goodbyes. Some melodramatic, some are still laughing and laughing, the end of which means something must be kept in touch, do not forget who and so on Sage ERP. Maybe at the moment when we exchange Numbers we really think we'll get back in touch, when we really think we'll never forget.

When a man marries a woman, she is mad and unconscious.

The night grew more quiet, and relatives and friends who had come to the wedding party were gradually dispersed. He walked slowly towards her in the shadow of the lamp. A piece of happy big red in, wear big red to marry the woman of dress, suddenly "cackle" ground smiled: "eldest brother, somebody else all went home to sleep, how do you still not walk?" Looked at the woman a baby face innocence and vacant, and a pale blue cage on the man's face gently, but soon, his smile back: "come, let elder brother wash your face wash feet, you go to bed early, ok?" The woman was obedient, sitting obediently on the edge of the bed, putting her feet out in the hot tub he had brought. He rubbed her gently, and she kept asking him questions, but they were all mixed up illogically. Two warm tears Makeup School, do not know when to fall into the woman in front of the foot basin. It's male. He could not understand how such a clever and kind woman could have become so.

Yes, she had been wiser, kinder, more understanding of his mind than all the girls in the village. At that time, they were in the same village, in the same class, and then secretly fell in love. Rural love decades ago, no matter how many youthful fanaticism, can only be quietly carried out. His family was the poorest in the village at the time, and his parents died young. Her family is the richest, she is the only child in the family. A rich man and a rich woman, love is destined to be separated by a secular tianhe river. When the affair came to light, no matter how she fought to death, she was finally thrust into her bridal sedan chair.

She married, and he left in despair. He went to the far north, hoping that the black land would heal his heart. From then on, a long time apart.

Back in his native land, he has returned to his hometown as a university professor. After all, the black soil of beidahuang did not hide his light. He took the college entrance examination and was lucky to go to university. After that, his career went smoothly. From lecturer to professor, others had to fight for it for most of their lives. He came here in a few short years. His relationship, however, was not as smooth as his career. The person passes the middle age of his life MD Senses Aqua Peel, also once around ying ying yan, but a thousand sails pass, and he, but can not find the original leaf boat.

All said that the wanderer close to the country, such a timid feeling, in him more than others out of a few. She had thought she was covered with trees, and that they would have a warm and exciting meeting. But when he faced the woman in his shabby clothes who would only smile at him, he froze. It turned out that she had been carried to her husband's house without eating, drinking or sleeping for several days. A month later, her mother-in-law's family found out that she was a madman and sent her home unkindly. Since then, the village has been more than a crazy woman in the village, in the village in front of the village called "arjunge"

His eyes moistened as he listened to the neighbor's sad story and looked at the scrawny, frail woman "

He decided to marry her and take her to the city where he lived. A great college professor was going to marry a crazy, stupid woman into town, and almost everyone thought he was crazy, too. He took her into his house, where he had been empty for many years, in spite of the public discussion, and began their marriage more than ten years late.

The married woman, under his careful care, was much better physically and mentally, but her condition was good and bad. At good times, she would sit well and talk to him. When it was bad, she fell and hit again. He often has scratches on his face without cause. He did not care, he said, for the pain of flesh and skin was worse than her loss of him. But there was one thing that bothered him. She never recognized him and called him "the good brother". She had called him that in the twenty years she had lived with him. She called him "the good brother," because of his more than 20 years like one day to clean face wash feet for her, holding her hand in more than 20 years like one day to go for a walk in the campus of those Fang Meili, twenty years stand her moodiness. She would have said that she would have died if it had not been for her kind brother. She respected him, but she did not love him.

The woman was in their 25th year of marriage, and in the final stages of breast cancer, he tried his best to treat her, but failed to keep her. At the end of her life, the woman fainted several times and woke up several times. Wake up woman, seems to have become especially conscious, she RuDong her lips and gestured he leaned over to: good eldest brother, I go, you can also rest, so many years, the bitter you, I... Finally, I can go to my brother That's it for women. Her life came to an abrupt end in peace.

He was infatuated with her all his life, and she was foolish enough to love him all her life. Lying on the woman's cooling body, his tears fell silent.

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