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Kwun tong industrial building challenges the highest level

Le 14 novembre 2017, 11:04 dans Humeurs 0

Property investment in the industrial building has been greatly increased in recent years, and a consortium has taken advantage of the high price of demolition and sale of industrial buildings. Ideal working group, kwun tong LiYe street mansion The Icon, The studio of The mansion 2 floor price list released yesterday offshore company formation, entry price from 2.167 million yuan, 'price as high as 16800 yuan, The potential challenges Kowloon east mansion' price is high.
It's a good idea to sell The Icon ten
Deng jianming, chief executive of ideal group, said that The Icon has now sold about 100 people and more than six have become investors. The latest group of The group is to build The 2nd floor of The Boutique Collection @the Icon Boutique studio service apartment hong kong, which is divided into 42 units.
The mansion price list of 10 units released yesterday, construction area of 129 meters to 182 meters, the highest price from 2.167 million yuan to 2.821 million yuan, the scale price from 15500 yuan to 16800 yuan, if the pricing selling, potential and Kowloon east mansion 'record. The new land sale of the cheung sha wan industrial building, W668, last year, is up to 175 thousand yuan hong kong top phd programs.
Deng jianming said that the current buyer values more than the price of silver yards, emphasizing that the remaining units or will be introduced in the current building, and the forecast will increase by at least 10%. On the other side of the box, the "food" of tuen mun catering theme project has been closed and is expected to be relaunched after the first season of next year. Hung hom baoli street hotel is scheduled to be sold at the end of December, with an intention of 380 million yuan and 54 rooms.

Coconut chips from La Maison du Coco

Le 14 novembre 2017, 10:59 dans Humeurs 0

This post is made possible by the support of La Maison du Coco. More info below!

I am dedicating this particular post to the beautiful souls who follow me on Instagram, several of whom clamored for this recipe when I shared a casual shot of it in my Instagram story a few weeks ago.

“What is it?” they asked collectively. “It looks really good! Where’s the recipe?”

In truth, it is a recipe so simple, and one I make so often and with such ease, that I hadn’t thought to share it until then.

And I am glad indeed for the nudge, because it is the kind of dish that I would happily eat, in one variation or another, every day of the week, every week of my life. I can only assume, if it is true for me, that it will be true for some of you.

So there you have it: my recipe for red lentil curry (or dhal) with roasted cauliflower and crunchy coconut chips.

It starts with a tray of cauliflower florets you slip into the oven to roast until brown at the edges.

While that’s roasting, you soften a couple of onions in coconut oil on the stove, then you add in red lentils, curry powder, and a handful of finely snipped sun-dried tomatoes, which brighten the flavor of the curry like an unexpected ray of sunshine in the cold November air.

This you simmer in coconut milk for, oh, fifteen minutes, until the lentils are soft but not mushy. You want something unctuous, but it’s nice if you can still make out the lentils and feel them bursting undertooth every now and then.

But the real magic happens at the last minute, after you’ve scooped that good red lentil dhal into some bowls and crowned it with cauliflower florets. This is when you’ll shower the whole thing with coconut chips, toasted strips of coconut flesh that provide crunch and nuttiness in every bite, and tie everything together.

The coconut chips I use are organic and fair trade, imported from the Philippines by La Maison du Coco, an independent French company I’ve been buying from for over seven years.

These are just toasted shavings of coconut, no added sugar or salt, crunchy and delicious. I use them pretty much everywhere — in my paleo granola, over my green smoothie bowls, in my perfect chocolate chip cookies and in my healthy breakfast cookies — and my kids and I also just snack on them, trail mix style, in combination with raisins and nuts.

This post is made possible by La Maison du Coco. All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Chocolate & Zucchini.

there is beauty, is a flower garden

Le 11 septembre 2017, 07:10 dans Humeurs 0

Often, I hid in a space of aphasia, a period of time, greed palm, soul wandering alone in words. At the moment, there are words, music, and those who do not need to speak of friendship, everything is safe and quiet.

In this world, warmth and coolness are mutually exclusive. Time can only give us a better ourselves. Finally understand, accompany is the longest love confession, can go to the last, is the most beautiful scenery of the mind. Separated by time and distance, those warm, those love, are years, no duplication of good.

I love this song, Jin Mo, this, that black and white Jingwei chapter. Ask no antecedents, ask no antecedents, and seek solitude in the busy world. In search of pleasure and sadness, allow the clearest read, the completion of a drop of rain in the most gentle.

The days inch overlapping, will be good to the years to support, written on palm treasure, let Qinru heart warm, with eye brow smile precipitation; any time long, only tender.

Life may be a puzzle, a samsara, with a zen. Some people can only brush past, while others can suddenly look back. The light and shade, reflecting a fall in love, no matter, wind down wind, to transfer, are respectively in the world. If the heart, Weiyang. I wish I were Jane, Jane, but naturally I was a warm amateur.

In fact, life is a journey of exploration. Only when you understand yourself first can you understand the life you want. Some words and form deliberately, it's really not necessary, friendship between gentlemen enough to make a flower blooming.

It is time to learn by cutting out the superfluous. Abandon some of greed, anger to keep a calm, more clear. The color back to the years, purely for yourself, quiet walking, quiet intentions to touch the beauty given by time. Not persistent, not to live up to, there is beauty, is a flower garden.

Years of screening with the dust, we filtered the memory. A smile, and happy time, hidden between the lines; a kind of existence, simple and warm, in the thin cool fireworks place to the true. Now that this world has come, it is life to be fair. Choose their own choice, put down the burden, in the thin Liangli, pick up a warm, quiet time. So, hold the half acre Hanada, since the open since the fall, with good read.

Perhaps, life is ultimately not perfect, sometimes silence is to scroll through the seasons, in the first place, to restore the original you. In fact, we are all lonely walker, many times, a know, will warm heart; a listen, will drive away trouble.

In the world, there are some beautiful things that will keep us in the purest heart, because we believe and exist. Read a Qinghuan print, see a dripping rain; a pleasant tour to a landscape painting, economy, light and time rhythm, quiet ripples

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