The day before the return chengde to handle affairs, the next day after the matter was completed, near noon, I would like to go to the bamboo forest temple of a buckwheat to eat bowls of buckwheat noodles.
That store was the snack bar I frequented at work in chengde. Because the store is closer to the unit, and the food in the store is very delicious. The opening was a couple, the paddock. Buckwheat is the authentic dam of the specialty, the quality is not said the taste of the taste, the seasoning is complete, there is mustard juice, leek flower, garlic juice, and the chili oil Fried. Some people say that eating what you eat is the flavor of seasoning, which is true. If you don't have the actual condiments, you may lose half of the elegant appearance.
The owner of the shop is very kind, as long as someone enters the store, will greet, smile, and do not make: "come to bowl of the people? Is it a big bowl or a small bowl?" After the guests have been seated, they will first serve you a bowl of buckwheat, a hot soup, absolutely free of charge. There are big bowls and small bowls, 10 yuan for the big bowl, 8 yuan for small bowls, and the price of the poor, which has lasted for many years, and has not changed since I started spending there. The price is low in the city.
Buckwheat is mainly produced in cold condition in bashang area, the flour containing 70% starch, 13% protein, 3% fat, oleic acid and linoleic acid content is very high, soba nutrition biggest characteristic is to contain a large number of hydrochloric acid and rutin, is generally have little food. Regular consumption, not only can reduce blood lipid and cholesterol, it has good control effect for high blood pressure and heart disease. Therefore, like to eat one of Ge not a few, and are generally some fixed group, used to eat that kind of taste, is always thinking of on-off to eat last time, there are some customers heart, want to eat almost every day. He had a good time and had a bowl in the morning, and sometimes he didn't feel hungry until noon.
The store has a small store, a total of less than 20 square meters, with six long tables and a maximum of two dozen people at a time. The storefront is clean and tidy, simple and decent, without any affectation. Shopkeepers do one Ge craft is excellent, one Ge sauces are made with mushrooms, Fried minced meat with mayonnaise broiled, blending and made good bone soup, meat and mushroom is sweet, sweet, sweet soup fuses in together, never speak, freshness already permeate in the muscle. It is a very tasty and tasty dish, with a proper amount of sauce and garnish with cilantro. The addition of seasoning can be selected according to individual taste, more or less. There are different ways to eat the food, and there is a taste for it -- no noodle soup, only served with seasoning and sauce. But the majority of people like to add soup, noodles and various kinds of seasoning are blended with the noodle soup, the noodles and sweet soup are together, that kind of delicious and enjoy is unspeakable. The bowl went down, filling the stomach and enjoying the delicious food.
I eat two or three times a week in chengde. It has become my first choice for breakfast, and if I have some time to go out or have no time to spend, I always feel a little empty, and I must make up for it immediately afterwards. After coming to huairou, there is very little time to return to chengde, and no more to eat like that same. Although the huairou district also has several selling one Ge stores, but went to several, eat a few times, total feel taste and chengde, compared to the poor, condiment, not only taste is.
Walk to the doorway of the store, when I was happy enough preparation in a festival, only to see the strange situation, the old familiar stores plaque disappeared, replaced by the word "so-and-so soup dumplings", I'm a little startled, went into the store, and sure enough, much transformed, the store has not completely like that in my memory.
"Is this the shops?" I couldn't help asking. A man who was not very tall replied, "no longer." I didn't keep asking, because there was no point. I was lost and reluctantly turned away.
Why did the couple quit? Is it not making money? They have been running for five or six years. If they don't make money, it won't last that long. Is it open somewhere else? Or did you go home? Or what's the bigger deal? I don't know. Maybe it's all possible. And I get the most accurate information: I used to be familiar with, frequent, very fond of bucknoodle, the store, no longer. It is a kind of hope to try to taste the taste of the former buckwheat. Fortunately, I am no longer living in chengde, and this kind of helplessness will soon disappear, but the food lovers who used to spend their time in this shop will have to find a new place.
In any case, I sincerely wish the couple, everything is ok!