I remember ten years ago, when I was talking with the Norwegian writers in Oslo, I was with wang meng and ami. After the meeting, I was very hospitable to visit the famous western city of bergen. Bergen and Oslo city map in Norway a west east, the car must be over large and tall in northern Scandinavia mountains on earth, but it is told us to appreciate the scenery of Japan, the pure and original in this country.
Few countries have been covered by thick, dense forests. On that day, the bus we rode in was rarely close to the window, to enjoy the abundant cool, wet and clear oxygen that emerged from the forest through the mountains. But what struck me more was the waterfall in the mountains service apartment hong kong. I have never seen such a plentiful spring elsewhere. At bergen, I said to my Norwegian friends, your waterfalls are wonderful. The Norwegian friend says you should go to the fjord from here, and the most important place for Norway is the fjord.
This time I came to Oslo, determined to go to a fjord. I know the Norwegian logic: if you haven't been to a fjord, you haven't been to Norway. But the climate of the fjord, which is affected by the warm Atlantic currents, is inscrutable. It was raining when we got to the famous flam pier. I never complain about the weather, but I can't wait another day, and the rain will go into the fjord. In this way, when the tanker sailed into a deep valley of high mountains, it was strange to think that the ship was sailing on the water instead of the river.
Thick smoke and fog covered the mountains, water and distant objects. But I believe that when god takes away your stuff, it will give you something else, just to see if you find it. Then I saw -- the waterfall!
A snow-white waterfall hung far away on the dark stone wall of the mountain, and it fell down, and was blocked in the middle, and the smoke rose up, and three times, it fell into the bay. As far away as the sound of the water, I could see the impulse and eagerness of it. Before I could watch it, the boat had passed, yet another waterfall appeared master of nursing hong kong. Are there so many waterfalls in the fjord? Yes, as the ship moved, a cascade of waterfalls emerged, and thousands of thousands of thousands of states. Some flying straight, a line of notes; Some like a string of pearls, spraying like rain; Some silver dragons run wild, and fall from the sky; Some of the smoke is generally stuck on the cliff, falling and flying. Passing through one, the two sides of the cliffs of the cliffs are covered with big and small waterfalls, there are fifty or sixty, I have not seen so many, different waterfall at the same time, it is a waterfall expo! Is this waterfall the first wonder of the fjord? The crewman said, not every day to see so many waterfalls, just because of one night of rain, a large number of waterfalls appeared!
Do you think the rain is going to give me a bad day or a cheer?
I'm glad I'm lucky, but it's still hard to see how a rain can produce such a spectacular waterfall.
Since we had chosen another road to go back to Oslo, the road had to climb over a two-kilometre-high mountain peak, which had the great pleasure of finding the answer to the waterfall's wonders. As the car pulled into the heart of the mountain, there were many huge lakes, one connected to one another wine tasting course hong kong , and the other side of the lake was often far away, even with a feeling of water and sky. The melting snow was pure and blue, shining silently in the sunlight. Are they the source of the thousands of falls that fall under the mountains? Of course, they are the inexhaustible source of the fjords. I was stunned by the natural resources of Norway. They will not block the dam in these places, no matter what the wonders of the fjord are not. I thought, in the long fjord yesterday, I had not seen a villa that had been built. What happens if the fjord is in our economically developed southeast coast? Not yet "commercial one bay"! I reflect on ourselves.
Back in Oslo I have told a friend of this city that I have lived in this city. I said, "I have estimated that there are at least one thousand falls in the fjord in the two hundred leagues." "The waterfall in the fjord cannot be digitized," laughs the friend. Have you ever noticed that the walls are full of traces of spring water? If you get more rain that day, those places are waterfalls. The falls are twice as many, at least three thousand. Don't forget, you're only going to the sagnard fjord. The sea of northwest Norway is full of fjords.
So now, the first image of Norway, the image of a rising white waterfall.